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Recent Projects

Nurturing New Filmmakers
Left to Right: Julia Hernandez, Betty Bull Bear, Joanne Towry-Briggs, Shannon Wray, Whitney White Lance, Albert Two Bears, Mark St. Pierre.

I've been honored by invitations to teach and write instructional materials for the Reel Jobs Film School at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Kyle, South Dakota. Working with Lakota people across age demographics to develop ideas into visual communication has been so fun and fulfilling. In the Fall of 2016, I presented a workshop on film and television production and in April 2017 taught a workshop focused on organizing skills and materials for location shooting.

In July 2018, it was thrilling to work with Reel Jobs on pre-production for their first feature film, entitled Mallard's Road, which they completed later in the month. Mallard's Road premiered at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood at the L.A. Skins Festival. So proud of this talented group of filmmakers!  Many thanks to the folks in Kyle at Cloud Horse Art Institute for the opportunity to spend time on Lakota lands and serve on their board of directors. 

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